Spring/Summer Wishlist

Okay so today I was planning on doing a summer favourites for you all but when I was planning it out in my head it kind of turned into a wishlist.  So what I’m going to do is include a bunch of my PERSONAL favourites, things I want to try, and beautiful things that throw themselves at me as I peruse the internet.

Okay I guess your sick an tired of my crappy aimless rambling about titles.  I tend to do this.  I’m not sure why you even read this dismal affair, it is after all, shocking.  Okay, on that high note of boosting my self confidence, I’ll get into it now.

Should I categorize? To categorize or not to categorize. That is the question, with incorrect grammar.  See if you can spot it, its really easy …. JUST SHUT UP AND GET ON WITH IT.  OKAY, OKAY, CHILL *Side steps away to go cry and eat Easter eggs*


Clearly I am, yes.  Okay the next line you read, I promise it will be good.

ZALFIE FANATIC’S SPRING/SUMMER WISHLIST (With all things weird and wonderful and an abundance of links):

THIS TOP – I would probably never find myself wearing this because baggy T-Shirts don’t really accent anything on my body but this just looks so, comfy and like I just want it.  Plus I’m just imagining that the model in that picture is gorgeous and would probably look 100000000% better in that top than I would but hey, a girl can dream? I am low on funding to buy said top though, but guess what is good here, its unisex, so I might just persuade my brother to buy it with his birthday money and steal it like the stealthy thief I am.  There’s like a void between that reality and my reality but hey!


Necklace – This is actually so beautiful and delicate and I can just picture it looking good with many things I posses.  Amazon actually have really cute jewellery so go check it out. It would look so pretty with a simple t-shirt like the model has on.  Ugh, fat chance of my brother buying this one.  But its actually pretty cheap which excites me!


Leg Chain – If you’re like me, chances are that you read that and thought, well what the heck is a leg chain? This my frends, is a leg chain:

Leg Chain

I’m just picturing this with shorts and thinking it would look absolutely gorgeous.  It looks pretty comfy too, and I’ve never seen a body chain style thing that you wear on your leg.  I think it would look so cute with shorts because when I wear shorts I become the most boring legged person on the earth but with this, well my legs would be like eye candy.

Hamsa Necklace – Okay so this is really rather expensive for what it is and I’m sure you could find something nearly identical and cheaper but it is so pretty and for some reason I’ve become obsessed with Hamsa Hands (I believe that is what they are called) and I might as well just be morphed into one.  I think that is a good idea.  Anyway, just take a look, isn’ it pretty?

Hamsa Necklace

Bask in it’s glory my friend take a dip in it’s beauty.  Too far?  Okay I’ll stop, next fish (That is a favourite wish in case you didn’t get that from the first rambly section of the post).

These Makeup Brushes – These actually make me so happy because like it 24 makeup brushes that actually look amazing and I really want them because they look so soft but seriously they are cheaper than ONE real teqhniques brush and there is 24 of them.  Do you get my jist (Is that how you spell it, anyway, I’m saying Jiiiiii-Stttttt).

Makeup Brushes Faves

Oh and did I forget to mention the case which is included?  I believe I did, I’m a sucker for a free pouch/case/bag.  Not joking.  My laptop came with a free case and I thought it was better than the laptop itself.  I swear to god I’m abnormal.

The Best Nail Varnish That Ever Walked The Planet – I’m just saying but this is actually seriously cool (does anyone remember those toy cars when you were younger that you could run under hot/cold water and they would change colour?  They were a bit like THIS, well that is what this nail varnish is like, except it uses heat instead of water!  Cool right?)  I do not own this nail varnish but I want it right now, like, now.  Also, best thing?  The range of colours is amazing, and they change.  I find it hard to get my head around this, so if someone could explain the science behind it to me, I would kiss you (Not literally, its an expression doof).

Best nailvarnish that ever walked the planet

As it happens, I LOOOOVE that colour so AAAHHH!  Also, I think I failed to mention how it had a gel finish.  It is basically beauty you can paint on your fingers. And like a thermometer you carried about all day.  Talk about multifunctional.  You can warm up your fingers if they get to cold.  No more cries for help from your fingers!  Yay,the annoying things can shut up now.

Sleek Limited Edition Del Mar Ibiza – These colours, although quite bright, are absolutely beautiful and I really want this and then I can use the makeup brushes and ergh!  I just love the colours and the actual packaging is gorgeous (I have a fetish for packaging).  It is so bright and happy and in here I think there is a shade for EVERYONE!

Sleek Ibiza Pallete

These Bikini Pants  & The Bikini Top To Match – These two are like my babies.  They’re from primark and so are wonderfully affordable whilst looking effortlessly amazing and just like I want it.  Imagine the tan lines you’d get because of this bikini, like if you’re looking for some amazing Sun Tattoos then I reckon this is the only bikini for it.  Is it just me that could see a really delicate body chain over this (most un-practical but gorgeous!)

bikini topbikini pants

Hello sitting by the side of the pool and becoming gorgeous!

Okay so that is a small snipit of my wishlist because I REALLY didn’t want to waist your time with about 50 more items (not because finding links and saving pictures bores/tires me in any way shape or form) and I hope you enjoyed it.

Tomorrows post is going to be so exciting I literally cannot wait (It envolves Okaaythen’s blog and starting up one of her series thingys again and I mean I’m just so excited and literally cannot wait to start doing that post, it WILL be a long one and you’ll probably feel more time wasted than ever before but I will recive strange tingles of enjoyment and thats good.) So yes that will be exciting and anyway I will stop rambling and goodbye internet family.

Zalfie Fanatic Out ♥


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