Liebster Awards!

Okay so, I’m guessing your all pretty mad at me?

Thought so.

See, my ‘Post a day’ thing isn’t working.  I’ll be posting more frequently again soon, my life has just been so busy.

I basically had a sleepover with my ‘best friend’ and I am still to this day surprised by girly bitchiness!  I didn’t want to get involved in bitching but I probably accidentally did and said something bad.  Thing is, I don’t feel I can trust anyone with my secrets and stuff, like, ever.  Only my Mum.

Only my Mum.  It has just dawned on me about how EXTREMELY sad that sounds.



So, having seen these floating about wordpress, but being a new blogger, not knowing much about them, when I was awarded one by Okaaythen I was over the moon.  One, because I’d been nominated for a blog award (with this feeble blog, goodness knows why) and two, well the whole question thing looked pretty damned fun.

Anywhoooo, I researched into the Liebster Award because I didn’t know much about it at all, had just seen a star shaped (ish) kind of stamp on other blogs that read LIEBSTER AWARD.

So I found some rules, which I’m going to go by:

1. Post the award on your blog.

2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.

3. Write 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.

5. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions. 

You can find these (and a bunch of other rules – they are very different, all of them) HERE

However, I will be nominating 3 bloggers, and answering the 10 questions that Okaaythen asked in the post linked (‘okaaythen’ is the link to the post).  I also wont be doing the 11 facts – just look on the page of the rules.  Also, I’ll be nominating blogs with whatever number of followers they have, new or old, so that part of the rules should not apply.

So, I think I’ll answer the questions first, then do my question to my nominees, then nominate my bloggers, then add in the ‘leibster’ award badge thing – some rules said you had to, so I guessed I should.


  1. If you had to have a sit down with God (or your respective deity) what would be your first question?

Even though I do not worship a God, I will still answer this question (obviously).  I would ask him/she/it why they caused pain and suffering in the world if they had all the power to stop it – why do they let people starve, be homeless, not have enough money at all to get by and other things like terminal ilness.  Why do they let this happen

2. Are you interested in any “Big Issues”?

Big issues wise, not particularly.  I do feel passionate about a few subjects, but I believe this is due to the way I have been brought up, listening to what my Mum & Dad have said about certain things led me to feeling passionate about some subjects.  I am interested in equality (sexism, racism etc) as I do find this very unfair and believe that EVERYONE, no matter what race/gender/religion should be viewed as the same and on the same level.  So yes actually – I feel passionate about a few subjects.  Wow, I kind of find it weird how I went from ‘not particularly’ at the start to ‘yes, completely, very unfair’ at the end.  I confuse myself.  A lot.

3. Have you ever been to/watched/partaken in a protest?

I would like to say yes, I am an exciting human being and I see protests all the time, and I partake in protests all the time.  But because I am boring and never leave my computer screen, nope, the closest I’ve come to a protest is on the news, or when I silenced my family for a whole day because there was no snacks in the house.  I’m sure they love me very much ♥ haha probably not.  Joking, I love them.  Wait how did I get onto my family through protest, ah yes, silencing.  Okay next question please, everyone thinks your a weirdo.  

4. What three items could you not live without?

Food.  Wifi. Phone.

Haha I bet you thought I was being real there.  Noooope.  Although I’d find it hard to live without the above, I could probably do it (maybe not food, because that REALLY is a necessity, but say we’re talking on the scale of a packet of crisps, or a midnight pizza take-out just because).  

So I do realise that I sound like basically an idiot when I say this, but today I watched the real life human version of Cinderella.  It was really good, and I sobbed basically through the whole thing (I also saw the short film Frozen Fever before that but all I learnt from that was that if your a snow queen like Elsa, don’t sneeze when you have a cold because you sneeze little baby snowmen like five at a time and they wreck your sisters birthday and Olaf adopts them, but off topic so I’ll shut up).  But what I learnt from this movie is that family means everything.  I cried when the parents died and she was alone.  I cried when her stepmother was awful to her.  

I realised that to live without my family would be really hard.  

So, three things I cannot live without:

– My family

– WordPress (I feel like I’ve become so close to people on here and I have an insight to their lives and like we’re buddies and that is really nice, my lil’ internet chummies!) 

– Central heating – this is odd because all my friends always say my house is roasting (it is because I like it like that) because I’m always so cold.  I am always cold.  Always.  Central heating is the only thing to stop me getting hypothermia.

5. What’s the best thing in your life right now?

Right now, the best thing in my life would have to be my Cat called Katzen.  I mean, she’s usually the best thing in my life anyway, but when its the holidays we just get cuddle time so often its just like, yes, just yes.  

6. What’s the most thought provoking thing that’s happened to you all day?

Thought provoking.  My supposedly ‘best friend sister person’ making up some bs that I said something about someone at a sleepover.  I trust nobody.  Thats kind of bad I guess.  Other than my Mum.  Ha, Ha ha.

7. What are your goals in life?

My goals in life are this:

– come out of high school with good GCSE’s and go on to do something I enjoy in collage.

– come out of collage with decent grades and some life long friends.

travel places with these life long best friends and enjoy my life.

when I get home, find a guy that is like my best friend and then date.  Settle down and get married on a white sandy beach with a gorgeous dress.

– have a child (daughter preferably first, then son)

I’d also like to have a good job and feel stable with my life.  I swear down to myself I wont ever go off the rails and do drugs, smoke or be obsessive over alcohol.

8. How do you plan to achieve these goals?

Work damned hard in high school & collage and then be chill.  Also, always have a positive mindset.

9. If you could have anything you wanted, what would you have?

If I could have anything I wanted, I’d probably have lots of baby kittens.  #freakycatlady

10. You had a good day, chicken wing?

No ta.  I’ll have cake instead – don’t like chicken wings.

WOW.  So now, I feel pretty damned worn out – we’ve not even done the nominees, my questions or what.  Flipping long post this is.  1302 words right now.


Okaaythen (not just because you nominated me, because I genuinely lalalove your blog)

An Overthinking Teenager (I was looking at Okaaythen‘s nominees, found myself clicking onto your blog, following it instantly and reading all your posts!  Your blog is great!)

Demii & Soniaa (I love your tutorials so much!  You are great DIY-ers!)

Okay so there are my nominees.  I urge you all from the bottom of my heart to please go check their blogs out because they are all full to the brim with weird & wonderful stuff!


1. What do/did you like the best about school & what did you least like about it?

2. Chocolate or sweets and salted popcorn or sweet? – I have to ask this to get to know people! Ha ha, I’m very picky.

3. Wait until a film comes out on DVD or go see it in the cinemas?

4. Are you vegetarian or have you ever thought about become a vegetarian?

5. Where do you most want to travel to in the world?

6. Are you good or bad with pain?

7. Do you enjoy reading from a book, or an e-book/kindle?

8. What season is your favourite?

9. If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move and what would your house be like?

10. Walks in the rain, yes or no?

Okay so that is me done for questions, I guess now, I’ll display the liebster award (and if any of you could tell me how I can display it on the side of my blog like some people do, I would be ever so grateful – I’ve been fiddling around with widgets and what not for ages to try find this, but have failed miserably!)

WordPress is not letting me upload what I need to, but I will get a picture of the liebster award up today hopefully!  


 Anyway, included in this post I really would like to update you on what seems like a lack of me on here:

On Friday night I spontaneously invited my friend around to sleep, and if I’m honest, forgot about this.  It wasn’t the best of times at the start, because this particular girl ‘who is my best friend’ tries to get me involved in bitching, mainly bitching about other girls whom we claim to be our friends.  But I know that sadly, I cannot trust anyone when I bitch about people, as things are so easily spread, and I feel maybe something could have been spread already, even though it hasn’t. Anyway, after the sleepover, me and the girl went to the cinemas to see the new Cinderella movie, which is infact, amazing.  I cried a lot, as I’ve probably already said. When we dropped her home, we went out to my Grandma & Grandads for a belated easter meal.  It was horrendous.  I began composing this post at their house, but felt too tired to continue due to the fact that I finally went to sleep at 6 in the morning and woke up at 8 in the morning, running on two hours of sleep, broken up by my friends snores & sleep talking.

Anyway, the food we  ate at my Grandma’s made me feel as if I had food poisoning (and I still feel like that now) so I had to give up writing and sleep it off.  On a sofa, in the conservatory, and yesterday was cold, and I wore a belly top.

So, today is Sunday, and I have one week of my holidays left.  I am sat in bed finishing off my last easter egg, the best, the thorntons chick one.    Therefore I am going to write about a million and one blog posts to have them uploaded for you all today (and in the coming days) to make up for the lack of well, me.

Thank you for listening to my woes.

Alsooooo, have you noticed things have been spruced up a bit round here? Eh? Eh?  I thought so.  I’ll be updating the look of my blog for today, and it will be complete by the end of today as I was feeling my old theme was  getting  bit, well, old.  I’ll be keeping this one though, because I love it, but I’m not sure on the aztec background.  Thoughts?

Anyway, thanks for your time.  I’ve wasted your life with so far, 2077 words of pointless talk.

Love to you all

Zalfie fanatic out ♥



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