Zalfie Fanatic’s Spring/Summer Tag!

Okay so, I’m back from Ireland and I’m sat in my bed.  In fact, I’m sat in my bed eating, guess what I’m eating (its delicious) …. JUST AN OREO EASTER EGG THATS ALL!  My healthiness is beyond me.  Anyway, as I sit here thinking of what to post for my blog, I look out of my window and see blue sky, yes, blue freaking sky!  It is Wednesday 8th April 2015 and the sky is blue, the temperature is 9 degrees and it is 9:51 am!


Okay so onto my main focus – the blog post.

I’ve been sat here for a while, creating a tag for you!  I will too do this tag!  And then I challenge all of you who read this to do the same tag (the one I have created) and post the link in the comments so I can check them out!

Without further ado, ONTO THE TAG.  (I’ve just worked out how to colour writing and my day has been made, no lies, thank you wordpress)

Summer Tag

1.  What is your favourite ice cream flavour? : Raspberry Ripple all the way.  Yum.  Just yum.

2. What do you do on a lazy day in summer? : If it’s warm, I aimlessly wander around my garden trying to get a tan and then sit down on  a sun lounger and read for like, well, the rest of the day.  If it is cold, I watch friends that I have recorded.  I always have friends recorded, it’s like a back up plan.

3. Favourite smoothie flavour? : This berry one is my bae, this one right here

4.  Favourite summer snack (HEALTHY)? : Watermelon.  Watermelon all the way.

Watermelon tiger omfg                  Watermelon      

I just thought I’d include them because, well, LOOK AT THEM, THATS FREAKING COOL MAN.  Okay, calmly.

5. Baths or showers? : Now this is interesting because I normally hate baths but I had one yesterday and I kind of fell in love.  But then again showers are my bae.  Showers.  Yes, showers.


7. Summer skincare, best product?: I’m going to be really shit now and say suncream.  Okay so I’m very VERY pasty.  I’m also very VERY freckly.  I do not tan.  I burn.  I burn to a fire.  I can look like a tomato in one day.  If I put suncream on, it stops what I like to call, the inevitable (burning).  It does make my freckles sexually attracted to one another and reproduce at a very high speed, but this generally just takes me into a blotchy tanned phase which looks hideous.  SO suncream keeps me protected.  Yes.

8. Swimming pool or beach? : Beach.  Hello sand, hello biggest swimming pool I’ve ever seen, hello summer.  Beach.

9. Best place you’ve ever been to in summer? : My favourite place in the world which is a place in Ireland in this blog post:  here

10. Are you happier inside or outside? : Lets just put it this way, if it’s warm, I’m outside!

OKAY so, I made it to the end of the tag.  My tag.  Now I nominate all of you guys to go ahead and do the tag.  Link your post below so I can go check them out!

Zalfie Fanatic Out ♥


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