Blogging Update!


I break up for my two weeks Easter holiday on THURSDAY!! I’m very excited.  Also, you guys have probably noticed I’m lacking on blogging at the moment.  Sorry ❤️

But, there will be one more post in the upcoming week.  This will be another sort of fun post about room decor and I’m highly excited!! I’ll need a bit to prep for this post so that’s why it will come around Wednesday time!

How’s about I show my my upcoming weeks time table?:

Mon – school, Mum’s Austrian friends come to sleep.

Tues – school, maths test 😩, mums Austrian friends come to sleep.

Wed – mums Austrian friends leave, school.

Thurs – school, break up from school for two weeks!

Friday – wake up at to be in the car by so we can DRIVE to Ireland.

My Auntie & Uncle live in Ireland so we are going to see them over the actual like Easter period (good Friday, Easter Sunday) and we come back in the Wednesday.

Anyway – here’s my proposal:

Just so you know, we’re not getting married.  I don’t like you that much ….

Basically this –


I know exactly what your thinking:

Nope.  You haven’t got enough will power to even get up every day.  Your lazy and all through the Easter holidays you will be sleeping and watching Friends back to back episodes that you have recorded.  We know this.  YOU WONT KEEP YOUR PROMISE!

Well stop thinking that.  You clearly have no faith in me (which by the way is horrible but I won’t fall out with you over it, because I know you love me deep down) but I will prove you wrong!

This is where you come in.  I have some ideas of what to post, but tell me what you want to see.  I am willing to do anything you want me to* so fire them at me.

*like, only reasonable things.  I won’t find a volcano and throw myself down it just for a blog post.  Noooo way.

So, comment your ideas and you might be chosen!

Bye for now lovely people.

Zalfie fanatic Out 🔮

Oh also It was Zoe’s birthday yesterday so happy birthday Zoe ♥


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