50 Facts About Me

Ive not been tagged but thought it looked fun so I’ll give it a go!

1. I have braces.

2. I’m getting my braces off on 28th of April – just one day short of a year!

3. This blog is anonymous

4. I like to read 

5. I’m currently reading remeber me volume one by Christopher pike

6. My decor in my room is shabby chic

7. Vintage things are my bæ

8. I’m obsessed with clothes 

9. I’m obsessed with makeup

10. I’ve written ten facts and I’m already failing. 

11.  This is far harder than I thought 

12. Sims is life

13. Generally I am the most unsocial person you’ll ever meet. 

14. I hate sleeping out from home. 

15. My favourite makeup palette is StudioLondon πŸ™

16. I’ve never owned anything from Dior, Chanel, Benefit, Mac or Elizabeth Arden.  Any of those sorts of brands, basically I’ve never owned them but will be getting some this weekend!

17. I like to shop. 

18. I am very unathletic. 

19. I often feel like crying. 

20. I hate the dentists.  The dentist told me I had to have two fillings when my braces come off.  If anyone knows what the pain is like comment below because I’m very scared. 

21. Guess what? I hate needles. I’m scared of injections!

22. At school we’ve had round one of year eight injections for cervical cancer and they were painful I thought. 

23. I have a WordPress account where I write ️zalfie and Janya fanfics!

24. My favourite soap is from anatomicals. 

25. We’re halfway through the facts. 

26. I am very unorganised. 

27. I get the bus to school. 

28. I get the bus home from school. 

29. I could walk around Primark for hours on end – no lie. 

30. Primark pyjamas are actually the best. 

31. I have an IPhone 5C in White. 

32.  I am always really paranoid about most things. 

33. I don’t have a best friend πŸ‘

34. I like emojis πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

35. When I first got my phone, I couldn’t find the ‘%’ button and so would write ‘percent’.  

36. I was born in 2002 – do the maths πŸ˜‚

37. I hate maths 😩

38. My favourite emoji is πŸ’© and πŸ’ and πŸ‘

39. I also like to sleep 😴

40.  I have ten more facts to go. 

41. Today a girl on the bus threw up on my shoes. And herself, and her best friend. I offered her some wipes.  I got them back but must have dropped them. It was disgusting.  I felt like being sick myself. 

42. I was not sick (throwing up, physically being sick) in 2014.

43. The guy who bullied me at my old school and was the reason I moved is moving to my new school – he is stalking me πŸ˜‚

44. However the above fact does not bother me because I have amazing friends who will stick up for me. 

45. I fancy brother boy (see post entilited feelings or something like that)

46. I’m sat at my desk.

47. Lush is very much my bæ, nobody can separate us.

48. My Dad just came in from work. 

49. I’m almost done!

50. I fell over today πŸ˜‚


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