Out for tea with Mum


So I’m off out for tea with my mum to a resteraunt but it is casual not a fancy pants type meal so I wanted to show you what I’d be wearing down to the makeup! Enjoy! 

This is the dress – it is from Primark and was about 15.00 pounds.  It  has a skirt and top to it but they are attached.  I am wearing some cable knit tights with it. 

My boots are these.  They were from new look and I can’t remeber the cost.

They are lace up combat boots. 

I am wearing this parka from primark which was 25.00.

This is my eye makeup (might do a tutorial soon). 

I used a Rimmel quad in Brixton brown with my real techniques brushes. 

This is my perfume (I love the smell of this it smells like a feminine aftershave but not manly at all yet not too lady like) 

Finally, this is my watch by sekonda. 

Thanks for reading

Zalfie fanatic out 😍


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