Braces Info!

hi guys, 

So as I’ve said before I have braces.  I’ve had them since April 29th 2014.  In this post, in going to cover everything to do with braces pretty in depth for anyone who wants to know.  

I had my last tightening today.  My braces are coming off the next time I visit my orthodontist.  This is really exciting for me! They will have been on just one day short of a year! 

So let’s get into it! 

* pain scale: 1 very little pain 10 worst pain ever. 

These are my braces.  I have them lilac in colour, which I can choose to change each time I go for a tightening but almost always keep the same because you know, they suit me I guess.  

I have an elastic on the left side, even though the picture shows it to be on the right side (I don’t know why?).  I got this on today, which is a whole new thing for me that I will be covering.  Notice that I only have it on one side, this is because I need to pull my center of alignment across the the right or something like that, because it isn’t in place.  

I also have a slight unnoticeable bend in my wire to the right of my big tooth on the picture.  This is to pull the tooth down to be level with my other tooth, another addition I had today. 

All about braces:

Do braces hurt?: Yes braces hurt.  They ache, they are a pain in the bum and they feel like little elves are constantly pulling down on your teeth, whacking them with a baby hammer about 75% of the time.  They aren’t all that bad though.  There are easy ways to relieve the pain.  

Anbesol, ibuprofen and paracetamol are a must.  For me, dental wax did nothing but it is good to try it and see if it does anything for you.  

How can I be prepared?: watch YouTube videos on how they fit braces, read about other peoples expirences.  Basically just investigate into everything. Ask your orthodontist about a treatment plan they could tell you about to make you feel at ease.  

What do elastics feel like?: elastics feel odd – tight really.  It feels as if they are pulling on your teeth.  This causes me about 7/10 pain but you get used to them within the day.  Just make sure to change them daily, take them out for brushing and eating and put them back in after and you should be good!

How do I take care of braces?: brush often, twice a day will still do, but whenever you can fit it in really, just brush.  I brush once in the morning and once in he evening. Use all the equipment you are given: 

Use your interproximal brush – a divorce to clean inbetween the wires. 

Use mouthwash with every brush, for about a minute if you can. 

Brush every tooth in detail vigourously.  Generally, brushing should take 3 minutes +. 

Your orthodontist will show you how to correctly category your type of brace.  Here , I am talking bout a fixed brace.  

What does it feel like when you get them on, or tightened?: when I got them on, it wasn’t too painful, about a 6/10.  When I get them tightened the pain is like 8.5/10.  The days after for up to a week are like10/10 for pain. 

Will I get ulcers?: your new braces and each time you get them tightened will rip your mouth to shreds.  They’ll heal within the week but be sure to have paracetamol or ibuprofen on hand.  Also some anbesol or bonjgela works great. 

What if people bully me?: I reckon people who bully for having braces are extremly jealous – you’ll have straight teeth and they’ll look like a rabbit! I’m sure you won’t be bullied as it is so common to have braces nowadays you surely will not be.  Rise above it!

I think I’ve covered everything and feel free to ask if you’d like to know anything more!

Zalfie fanatic out! ❤️


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