Party outfit 



      So I’m going to a party today and I thought I’d show you the outfit I’m wearing.  It’s a bowling party, so I wanted to go casual but still look nice.

      So this is the top: it was 7.99 from H and M. size xtra small. 


      It is a black cropped top with dashes of white and navy in it.  It is super tight fitting and has long sleeves.  I love it.  

      These are the jeans:  they were eleven pounds from primark. Size six petite. 


      They are acid wash, super skinny and have stretchy, jegging like fabric.  I fold up the bottoms.  They are a light ish blue colour, I’ve had them for like three months and they last really well, considering primark quality. 

      The shoes are these white converse.  I got them from shchuh for like 45 pounds.  


      These are really comfy and you are allowed to wear these for bowling without having to wear the sweaty ones they provide. Ewe!

      That’s my outfit for today.  My next post will be a makeup tutorial so be excited!  I’ve yet to discover how I’ll do it without revealing my identity. I’ll find a way!

      Zalfie fanatic out 😘


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