Boots Haul + Product Review!

So today I ventured out to boots (an achievement for me, seen as leaving the house is on my NOT to do list) and I picked up a couple of items that I want to share with you guys! I’ll be doing a mini review with each of the items!

First, I got this:


This concealer is bæ. I’m not even kidding like seriously anyone who needs a full coverage concealer in a range of shades for an affordable price this is your best bet! It is the Rimmel London Hide the Blemish Concealer and I get mine in shade 001 Ivory. It provides the best coverage for me, and my skin has a couple breakouts every so often and I’m always tired, so it covers up my under eye circles and illuminates the area. It was £3.99 so not too expensive. You can find this in super drug and boots.

The next thing I got was:


This is the collection lip balm in orange burst. I believe they are quite new as I’ve only seen them a few times. I got mine in shade two orange burst, but there was a strawberry/rasberry shade and an apple shade. They have super strong scents and smell delish no lie. They also have super moisturising properties and are great for the winter months and my constantly chapped lips. It adds a hint of colour in a peachy orangey tone and shimmers. I’ve literally been writing this blog post since I got in which was about five minutes ago so not too much experience with this lip balm but so far so good! This was £1.99 so super affordable.

The last thing I got was this:


This is boots own brand, which is tea tree and witch hazel. I’ve tried a spot remover stick from it and I have to say, it worked perfect and I still use that to this day. This time I purchased the foaming face wash which “deeply cleanses and refreshes & helps keep skin clear and healthy”. Because I love you, and for the purpose of this blog post I have removed all my makeup to test this out, and it is magnificent. It is really cooling and smells lovely, and it is as if you can just feel it getting to work. I love this. It cost £3.59 so wasn’t expensive at all and you get 150 ml and there’s quite a lot.

All in all, I love my items I’ve bought and hope that you’ll either check them out and maybe purchase them because they’re great!

Zalfie fanatic out ✌️


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