UPDATE – Sorry ♥


So I am really sorry if it seems like I’ve vanished from the face of the earth this week.  I’ve been feeling a bit poop, but also it was my school holidays and I’ve been relaxing and not thinking about anything in particular – this consisted of watching youtube and sleep.

So if it seems like when I did post there was no feeling in the posts or like you know, nothing at all going into them, I’m super sorry.

There is also an update which is this:

I will not be posting daily as it is too much for me to keep up with.  Simply because some days I don’t feel like posting or other days I haven’t got the time.  I will update at least twice weekly, but it was a bit much doing so daily.

Also, this means I will be scrapping my blogging schedule because of the non set days of posting.

Sorry, but it is for the best.  Thankyou for understanding.

Woah went a bit formal there. Weeeewoooo.

So I’ve been away this weekend in liverpool and I was going to take some pictures but really I just shopped.  I bought the dragons egg lush bathbomb and i’m super excited to try that – if anyone has tried it leave a mini review in the comments and I’ll defo check it out ♥!

I also bought some bits and bobs from New Look for when I go on my trip to Spain but I am not sure that I LOVE them 100% – I know that I’m taking back the shoes because they had a weird fit, but I’m not sure I’ll take back the jacket/blazer thingy.  It was bright neon pinky coral so not really something I’d go for, because I’m normally my neutral tones and black/greys.

Maybe I’ll do a post and see what you guys think? ♥

Thankyou for reading,

Zalfie Fanatic Out ♥


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