10 things to do on a long road trip (and some extras!)


Before we get into this, I want to show you how I’ve packed my suitcase, methods I use and also my travel outfit.


This is my packing. As you can see, some bits are rolled and others folded. I like to pack with a method of the two, because it fills up spaces nicely and gives me just enough room. I’m only going overnight which is why my suitcase is small. However I have brought a couple extra outfits – you just never know when someone is going to spill a drink on you. Whatever, I’m an anxious person! I’ve brought some stuff I had in my bag for the car in there and I have decided I will do my makeup seen as we’ll be going straight into Edinburgh.

My travel outfit is my OOTW from Wednesday’s post except with a guns and roses sweet child of mine muscle tee under it. I’ve figured I’ll be warmer if I layer.

So, onto the list of 10 things to do on a long road trip (it’s a car drive, why do you say these things? Because I wanna be American. Well your not. Give up allready. Awh dayum! Okay back to real world!) :

1. Buy the pointless book. This will provide a lot of entertainment for yourself!

2. Learn how to share the wifi from your phone with your computer, using hotspot so you can browse the web (and read my blog *hint hint*)

3. Sleep and catch up on some much needed rest especially if you set of early😩

4. Play games like “count how many insert colour here coloured cars you can find” or “eye spy”.

5. Create a fanfic of your fave ship couple. I’ll be doing this about zalfie!!

6. Plan what you will buy when you next stop at Starbucks 👌

7. Play the sims or any other simulation game.

8. Download a ton of apps to your phone for you to play. If you search ketchapp on the App Store, there are loads! They do the best apps ever, especially skyward. If you download skyward be sure to post your high score in the comments. Mines 87!

9. Draw or write, keep a holiday journal!

10. Take some pictures in car and out of car, the scenery around you and document your travels in pictures!

Until next time,

Zalfie fanatic out ✌️

I’ve noticed my followers slowly growing and today somebody followed me during a boring IT lesson and it made my day! Thankyou for everyone of you who follows you make my day! I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Also we broke up for a weeks holiday to day, very exciting.

This is my 20th post anniversary


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