What to pack in a bag for a long car journey!

Today I’ll be going through my bag that I’ll be using for random junk to keep me entertained in the car on my upcoming overnight trip to Edinburgh.

It takes about 5-6 hours to get there from where I live. This means I have to wake up at 5.00am!!! That is far to early for me to handle. Like, I can’t even get up at six on a school day. 😴

This is on a Saturday. In the February break.

Kill me. Please.

Anyway, this is my bag.


Turn your device if it is on its side.

It has one back compartment which is elasticated, and a smaller pouch about tablet size coming off of it. That says mi pac on it. Then there is the main compartment.


It looks like this at the front, with a gold pouch about hairbrush size and has a sturdy bottom made of fake glossy black crocodile skin.

This bag would be perfect if the gold pouch was the same material as the animal skin part. 👌

Anyway. In the stretchy back pouch I’ll be keeping my laptop, and it’s charger. It fits nice and snug and is the perfect size. The top of the bag fits over nicely.
I’ll also be keeping an infinity scarf incase I get a bit chilly. It is grey and woolen and couldn’t find it as I was creating this blog post, until the end. You’ll see it. It is from g&g and I have the matching gloves in my coat.


In the mini pouch, I’ll be keeping some pens and pencils in this box tin thing.




As you can see, this jack wills bag is a good size and can contain all my makeup, deodorant, body spray, makeup brushes, a compact mirror and more things I might need that I’ll add later. It will be easily accessible and I’ll do my makeup on the last stretch of the journey because I don’t feel comfortable wearing it in a car when I want to be cosy. It’s my every day makeup and a lip balm etc. I’ve got some deodorant and body spray to freshen up.


This is the inside so far. All I do now, is add in this lovely notebook from ikea and my laptop charger and that is all that section needs! I also added some baby wipes last minute.


Now onto the gold pouch in the front.


This includes:

1. A nasal stick because I tend to get colds often when I’m cold and this provides me with quick relief.
2. A lip balm if I can’t be bothered going into my jack wills bag and routing about (let’s be honest, who can💩)?
3. Two pairs of headphones, the new Apple ones and some JVC black ones just incase. You never know who’s headphones might break, or they’ve forgotten to bring a pair (usually me brother)!
4. My phone. Well it’s case, I’m using it right now so can’t really include it, when I’m taking pictures on it. So I thought I’d use its case instead. But my phone.
5. Fluffy (ish) socks to keep me warm!6. My new purse that I’m in love with. You know, for the stops along the journey when I crave a Starbucks.
7. Plasters, you never know when someone might get a blister. Never know.
8. Some personal feminine care JUST INCASE!

When all this is packed I added a couple baggies with earrings and necklaces and other pointless pieces of tat I probably don’t need but still want to make me feel secure. Obviously packed methodically into the little space I had left.

All in all my bag weighs about a gazillion kilos and has about 3 useful items in it.

Oh well!
Thankyou for taking the time out of your day to read this probably pointless and non helpful blog post. I’m so positive! 😩😂

Until later,
zalfie fanatic out ✌️


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