Tuesday Review Day – Goji IPhone Docking Station






This here is the charger and stand. At first, I thought the sucky pads were speakers, so left it like that, where it fell over many times, and made me tempted to take it back. If I could find a way to show you how you flip it around I would, but you’ll get the hang of it after 20 minutes of fumbling. The instructions aren’t too clear. The place that the little charging jack if that’s what you call it. Is that what you call it? I don’t know. Hmmm. Shut up. But yeah, the little charging thingy that goes in the charging hole, okay we will call it a jack. The little jack thingy is on a pink cubey thing and that bends forward and backwards. Try understand through the picture.

So all in all these are my ratings:

Sound quality: 8.5/10 it’s not the best, but then again this wasn’t the most expensive docking station. It gives out enough sound for me to have a one man dance party (maybe a multiple man dance party) but wouldn’t be enough for a huge house party if you have such a hectic social life. If your looking for something to blast out your fave tunes in your room, this is for you, but if not try a Bose speaker, I have one in the downstairs of my house and it is fab. But yeah, this is a reasonable sound quality.

Charging: 10/10. So far I’ve had no issues with the charging of my phone. I have an iPhone 5c which I pop on when I go to bed and it serves me right through the day with 100% charge!

Design: 10/10!!! I’m a sucker for anything pink or neon, so when I saw both combined into one I couldn’t resist! The intensity is great. They are also in blue and black

It plugs into the mains but can also use four AA batteries if you want it portable.

All in all this deserves a 9/10 as a product. You can buy it here


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Review Day – Goji IPhone Docking Station

    1. Shame you’ve got a galaxy because this is really good. I’m sure there are others out there that are just as good for Galaxys though! It comes in blue, black and pink but yeah, more colours would be good I suppose. Thanks for the reblog 🙂


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