Shopping Haul


I went shopping today. I bought a few bits and bobs which I’d like to share with you!

First off I went into lush. Right let me get this straight, I could spend ALL day in lush. I only bought one thing because I wasn’t in a bath bomb mood (God knows why, because I wish I’d bought more now) so don’t hate me 🙅!! I’ve yet to try It but I bought the Sakura bath bomb. It looks sooooo pretty, it’s white with pink and blue and purple and yellow speckles and some blue sea salt on top. It smells really zesty and fresh and I really can’t wait to try it! It was around three pounds seventy five pence.

Then, I went into Primark. Oh dear Primark my bae! I purchased two things, one necessary and another one an impulse I-want-to-try buy. The first thing which was necessary was a purse. Now it was only three pounds and it’s really nice so I was like, why not? It’s a nude/pink colour and has a black bow on gold paneling on the front. It has a zippy compartment and is quite dinky. It was three pounds.

My next buy from primark was some curler things. They are essentially wire covered in foam which you bend to curl your hair with. I want to try them so bad so got them in pink for a pound, pack of eight. If these are any good, please do tell me! I might do a review and tutorial if they are any good.

Then I went into Claire’s accessories and there was an offer on. Let’s get this into our heads:

Five items for three pounds.

Not three items for five pounds.

And they are really nice items.

I got three pairs of earrings and two rings.
I got some dangly blue feather earrings, some dream catchers with pink beads earrings and some dream catchers with feathers.
I got a ring with two crosses on and ring with a blue stone on.
Three pounds for it all! Omg!!

Anyway, that’s what I got and what I got is that.
Zalfie Fanatic Out ✌️


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