Quick Bed-Time Chit Chat


I was just about to go to sleep when it dawned on me that I’d not written a blog post!!! I pulled my phone off its docker and had to write one, although I don’t really have anything to talk about majorly but fancied a bit of a chit chat. How’s that sound?

Something happened at the weekend which I did post about but I then took down the post because I felt it was a bit let’s say, personal. Also, I figured it out in the end and it is all over ( it’s about my love life so like such a boring topic )!!!

Anyway, the most hilarious thing happened today. My brother woke up, and he has lost his voice. He is all croaky 😂 I’ve been making him scream really loud so he will loose it completely and not speak. In a rating from 1-10 how much of a lovely sister am I? You tell me 💩

I really want to do something with room which is why you got the decor inspired blog post yesterday. I want to get some new bedding still keeping in theme with my room (vintage and shabby chic) but I also want it to look like a nice place to chill and hang and I might get a bean bag?

What do you think? To beanbag or not to beanbag 🙈?

I use emojis too much on my phone.

I’ve been listening to uptown funk a heck ton at the moment. Like on the bus, on the way back from school on the bus, on my way to get my brother. On the way back from getting my brother, now lying in bed in the dark, in the bath, in the shower, eating tea and all that jive. Girl said ya HALLLELUJAH.

Okay so I’m gonna go now, because I sleepy 😴 goodnight to all and to all goodnight 😂

Zalfie Fanatic Out 💋
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