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First off, I did write a blog post yesterday but have deleted it since then because I thought it too personal and it was pointless as it had all been sorted out anyway!  That is that, If you saw that post, you might know what I mean and if not, BOOM, it is gone and no longer matters.

Today, I decided to be productive and clean my room.  I now, am sat on my (made) bed with my (fake, and some real) candles burning, fairy lights on and my cat cuddling me.  It is just now, that I am writing a blog post to do with what … you guessed, bedroom tidying and décor!

First off, I’m starting on how to really clean your room.  If you do this sort of once every three months, in between you’ll only have to chuck some paper in the bin every so often and vac/sweep your floor, dust some surfaces and such.  Not a very big job.

Start off by going around your room with a bin/carrier bag (I use carrier bags as you can just tie them up and dispose of them easier) and throw away any unwanted paper scraps, school letters, rubbish such as sweet wrappers, tissues and make up wipes.  Anything else you want to throw away such as packaging is also a good idea.  If you have lots of rubbish, use a bin liner (a huge black bag, ask your dad or grandad, they’ll probably have some in a man cave or something).

Now, go through your cupboards in your desk or any other place where rubbish-y paper might be.  Go through papers, and if you want to keep them put them to one side, if you want to get rid of them, pop them in a carrier bag.  If your papers are confidential, you might want to shred them or burn them (OUTDOORS!!!!) if you feel necessary.

Any papers you wanted to keep and set aside, put them into a filing cabinet if you have one, or a folder with plastic wallets.  If you have neither, IKEA have some filing cabinets or storage units with drawers in them especially for filing which aren’t too expensive, or go to a local supermarket and you’ll probably find a cheap folder with plastic wallets already in it, or you can buy them separate.  If you’d prefer a nicer looking folder, places such as Paperchase and WH Smiths have some (in the UK) and in the US (I’m not entirely sure) Target and Michaels would do something.  file cabinet blog

This is the ERIK filling cabinet for 55 pounds in IKEA.

blog paperchase folder

This is the Butterflies Ring Binder from Paperchase and it costs 4 pounds.

After you’ve filed away all your saved papers in whatever method you choose (the above were simply suggestions) you move onto the next step.  The step I always dread, polishing.  Don’t ask me why, I just do.  Firstly, I put all my items on the surfaces I’m polishing onto my bed (other than items I can’t move such as lamps). Then spray polish (your Mum will probably have some, if not pop out to tesco and buy some) onto your surface, and wipe it with a cloth.  Seems pointless, but really it does help your bedroom to have a polished (Hah, see what I did there? Polished, polishing? No. Okay) and smoother, clean look about it.  Do this to every surface and then replace your clutter from your bed back onto your surfaces.  This also allows you to contemplate where you’ll be putting your items, maybe you’ll change their position in your room?  Your choice!  If you feel you’ve got too much clutter, you can always throw it away, or save it neatly in some cute stacking boxes like these ( from Ikea which are available in green, white and black and cost £8.75 for a pack of two.

Next, vac your carpet or sweep your floor if you have laminate flooring (wood).

Now you’ve pretty much cleaned your room, you might want to spray some air freshener or open some windows.  Take your rubbish bags outside to your bins and if there were any plates or cups in your room, wash them up or put them in a dishwasher.

Now onto decoration of the bedroom in general.  My bedroom is a shabby chic vintage style room.

For me, a big statement in my room is my bed.  It is a double and sits in the middle of my room.  I like it to look cosy and the only way to do that is have cosy looking bedding, throws and scatter pillows. My bed spread has owls and flowers on it and I have owl cushions and  some large square cushions that say “a little birdie told me” on them.  I also have a pink knitted throw.

Another thing that makes my room cosy is candles.  I have some small yankee candles in midnight jasmine (flowery scent, my favourite), Christmas cookie (vanilla scent, quite strong and slightly overpowering, not the best) and Orange spice (I think that is its name, quite an autumnal scent, really nice).  I burn them sometimes, but I also use electric tea-lights.  You can buy them from Ikea for around 2 pounds I think.  They’re long lasting and look as good as regular candles, and they stop me from worrying about burning the house down.  It would be AMAZING if they were scented but I’m not sure that’s scientifically possible.  Ikea also do some really nice scented candles and they’re so cheap!  They cost under a pound!!

Posters around your bedroom on your walls really help to give the place some personalisation.  I’ve got two big ones (one of Taylor Swift and one of Phil from YouTube) and a small one of all they YouTubers at Zoella’s beauty range launch party.  I got them all from a magazine.  They’re really simple, cost next to nothing and add a nice personal touch to my room.

Decorative letters are also something to look out for, I have some above my mirror saying dream from Dunelm mills.

I have hooks all over my room. not only are they really super duper useful to hang my clothes I’m wearing on, but they add a homely touch.

Although I’ve not got one, rugs can be a really nice touch to your room.  Tie in colours from you bedding to a rug for an all around bedroom theme.

Painting one wall a light pastel shade can give a statement but not make it too harsh (I have a duck egg blue wall, where my bed is).  Alternatively,  painting one wall a very bright shade of a colour can also look good, depending on your room style and personality. If your going to paint two walls, I recommend doing opposite walls the same colour.

Wall decals in the form of stickers are really cute and really easy to apply.  I have one coming out of a corner of my wall, Its a bird flying away from blossom branches.  If your a good painter yourself, you could paint your own wall decal on, or if someone in your family is, you can ask them to do it.  I have my Grandad who is an artist but I decided to stick to a sticker in case he got it wrong. I bought mine from which stocks loads of unique pieces.  Places like etsy are good places to go to for unique items for your room.  You can also use quotes.

One thing I’ve seen on the internet is wall photo collages.  YouTube have some great tutorials on these so why not check them out?

Lighting such as fairy lights really set a nice mood in your room.  It is important to have good lighting in your room, so I have a bedside lamp, a dressing table lamp, a lamp on my desk and candles.  The light from candles is really comforting.

You might want a place for you and your friends to sit.  If so you can get some beanbags and throw pillows and plonk them down in a corner of your room which is looking a bit boring.  Not only does this serve as a good place to chat with your friends, but you can have a laptop plugged in there, some chocolate, a book = ULTIMATE RELAXATION ZONE!

I hope you were inspired by this blog post and now know that you don’t have to break the bank to update your room!

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Zalfie Fanatic Out ♥


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