Snow! (and hopefully snow day ;) )


Snow!  It isn’t a snow day, otherwise you’d have got a post waaaaaayyyyyyyy earlier than this.  But it has snowed pretty heavily and is continuing to snow, thus making the snow heavier.  And deeper.

I’ve been out with my brother for like 2 hours in the snow (it was beautiful).

I’m literally praying to the weather guy up there to work some major magic and snow me in tomorrow.  But not removing my signal for the internet. Then I wouldn’t be able to live.

In honour of this snow, on the fine day of Wednesday 21st January 2015, whilst I sit in front of my fire, eating these fish and chips salt and vinegar crisp things (they’re divine, I don’t know the name but seriously if you find anything to match the description get them, and eat them), I have composed a Things To Do On A (hopefully) Snow Day!  list, Enjoy ♥

1. Go outside and build a snowman, snow fort, igloo (your damn talented bro)  or an actual monument of something existing (I once built the art de triomph thingy ma bob).

2.  Gather like everyone who lives on your street, and have a massive snowball fight.  Allow each team like 10 minutes to prepare, in which they MUST gather snowballs for their team and find somewhere to hide/take cover (behind a wall, car – but make sure you don’t damage it, or a tree) A tree?  Why a flipping tree, that will provide you with no cover.  Clearly, this is a fantasy of someone who has never snowballed anyone. Stop having imaginary conversations with yourself.  STOP, okay, back to life.  the teams CAN but don’t HAVE to build a fort out of snow (you’ve only got 10 minutes, so be quick).  Then, let the snowball throwing commence.

3. Stay inside, look out on all the people who can be outside and actually face the cold.  Eat crisps and drink hot chocolate.  Feel depressed.

4. OR …. stay inside, gather all your yummy treats, feast on them whilst watching back to back episodes of friends, and if you don’t like friends your mad.

5. Bake. If your super good at baking, I want to  see what you’ve baked.  Lets see if anyone can make a snowman cake?  OMG that would be awesome.  One of you really need to do this in life. I cannot obviously, because I am merde at baking. I seriously should shut up. 

6. Read.  Have a read-a-thon.  If you’re into that I guess.  But if your not …..

7. WATCH DISNEY MOVIES ALL DAY LONG EATING POPCORN AND BE EXCITED AND WOOOP WOOP. I don’t even know what just happened. But seriously, watch movies all day long.

8. Play with your cat (If you’ve got one).

9. Take your dog on a walk in the snow.

10. Take artsy pictures of the snow (grab some and pop it in your hand, strike an Elsa pose and BAM, instagram post sorted) and pop them onto instagram. Or print them out and string them around your room on fairy lights. Pretty.

11.  DIY decorate your room with some easy DIY’s you can find on the internet.

12. Watch your dog/cat in the snow.  Take videos.  I swear its hilarious.

13. Go on a walk, bring a picnic basket with a picnic blanket, winter foods and a flask of hot chocolate.  Go with your friends and look weird.

14. Make the above into a date.  SO CUTE!

15. Have a netfilx date.

16. Watch your favourite soap all day.

17. Have a spa day.

18. Hit random passers by with snowballs (be cautious :D)

19. Sleep. ZzzzzZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZz

20. Have a gymnastics day in your lounge. Or a one man dance party.

So, thats what I’ll be doing if tomorrow is a snow day. Its still snowing pretty heavily.

Please cross your fingers, eyes, toes, tongues, legs, arms, more fingers, hands and every other crossable part of your body for me and my snow day.

In the comments, tell me if its snowing where you are, or the temperature.

Adios Amigos ❤

Zalfie Fanatic Out ☺


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