Bus chat!


It’s the morning and I’m on the bus to school. I’m very bored, very bored!
It’s freezing on the bus and is currently like -1 degrees. I also have no coat because my school has no lockers for me to put it in. I therefore wear a scarf and blazer to try stay warm. You must feel for me.

Barley anyone will read this at this time (obscenely early, 8 something or other am) because your either on your way to school, like moi. Or your still in bed (and believe me, I’m jealous of you)!

It takes me about 15 minutes to get to school on the bus. Good time to write a short blog post I guess.

What time do you guys get up for school or work. I have to get up at 6:15 but it usually ends up being like 6:45 and me being in a massive panic to get ready in time to get the bus. Which was late this morning . I could have slept more. 😴

Anyway, if you like my bus chat, do kindly leave a comment and let me know. We might make something of it!

If I slept on the bus, do you think I’d miss my stop at school?

I need to fix my sleep schedule. Really I need to.

Zalfie fanatic out ✌️ ( I can do a peace emoji on my phone which makes me really happy) 💃💃💃 I’m dancing my way out now. 😂😘 see ya later!



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