New School, New Friends, New Opportunities.


I recently (very recently) moved schools.  I moved at the beginning of the spring term (5th January, some of you guys might call it a semester) and that was halfway through year 8 (or 7th grade I THINK).  Therefore, this time was mega exciting, but also mega I’m-so-scared-what-do-I-do-what-if-I-make-NO-friends time.  Let me tell you real quick, that isn’t a nice feeling.

Today, at the start of my third week at my new school, I’m going to tell you some real tips for joining a new school, mid year.  Real human to real human, teenage girl to another person out there.  Yada yada you get my drift, lets get into this!

Tip one:  The “I don’t care” attitude.

Use this to the best of your abilities, in a NICE way.  Not in the way that makes you want to sit back and do no work and be rude to people.  I mean if you’ve got nobody to sit with at lunch, be like, SO?? You shouldn’t care about these things as you’ll find someone to sit with soon enough (not someone will take pity on you and invite you to join them with reluctant smiles from their friends, as in someone will really want you to sit with them, trust me!).

Tip 2:  Humble Pie

I can swear this is the most useful advice given to me starting a new school.  Whilst I was getting a tour with my Mum one day, we went to sit in the head of years office where my mum said to me “you might be eating some humble pie for a couple of weeks but that’s okay”.

I went to school with a Humble Pie Attitude (it deserves capital letters, its important) and felt more confident, and ready for what could come.

For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means that you will just have to sit back and think it might be a bit awkward for the first few days because you’ll be quite new and people will probably think they’re above you, but you’ve got to let them get their heads around the fact that your new, then you’ll (and they’ll) be fine.

Tip 3:  SMILE!

Yep.  A smile is inviting and shows signs of a friendly person.  If you smile, people will want to talk to you.

Tip 4: Engage in conversation

Before you try this, make sure your NOT having a Bridget Jones moment (if you’ve seen the film, you’ll know what I mean, if not watch it, but I’ll describe it anyway).  This is the time Bridget goes up to a random group of men, laughing with them at something she has no clue about at the Kaffka’s (I think that was the name) book release.  They then ask her what her opinion is and she is basically stuck, and has to ask where the bathrooms are.

Don’t do that, seriously.  Instead ask someone about what they are wearing.  This is easier in America because you guys wear normal clothes rather than uniform.  I swear, all we Brits have to ask people about is shoes when asking about clothes in school.  Imagine this conversation:

You: Hey where did you get your blazer from?

Them: The shop down the road that sells uniform.

You: No way! Me too!

Them&you: Twinsies!!!

Yeah that isn’t going to work.  Ask someone where there shoes are from.  Its a pretty safe bet.

My final tip.  Drum roll please (imagines group of followers patting their floors rapidly).

Dun Du Du Dun:

Tip 5: Find similar people to you

Okay, this is major for some, less major for others. You might do dance class, and gymnastics, and hockey, and tennis, and every other sport known to man kind.  You’ll probably find it quite easy to find someone with similar interests to you.  Whereas if you are like me and sit watching YouTube and looking at blogs all day, it could be a smidge harder for you.  In that case you want to find people you like. Forget about the social ladder, because you probably wont become Regina Gorge within 5 minutes of you being there.  Find people who you like to be around.  I mean don’t totally forget the social ladder.  It depends on who YOU like.  Not who your popular friend from primary likes.

This way, you’ll reduce the level of drama through the year this way.  Reduce it waaaaayyyyy down.  Go on, bury it.  Bury it deep beneath the ground. BOOM! Probably slightly OTT there but hey ho!

I hope you enjoyed, and found this somewhat helpful, whether your like me, starting a new school or just want some new friends I hope it helped you in some way.

Also, thank you for my first (proper) follower.  I was so happy seeing it on my emails today :D!!

Zalfie Fanatic Out ♥

I like this quote and it seemed somewhat related to the post.

Dr seus quote


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