First Blog Post :)


I’m starting a blog.  I’m going to try and write every day, or as often as i can.  I am going to write about things in general, and i will include a funny story of what happened to me that day at the end of every post.  I will also write about things that happen to me on a day to day basis/chatty posts etc.

So here is my funny story for today:

We were going to go shopping to buy me a docking station for my phone.  My mum ended up getting really scared of driving us there and back because it was getting so icy and her car flashed up saying “ice warning”.  She was saying “oh no its so icy, what if we start slipping about?”!  It was hilarious!

The weather is really cold at the moment, we have been having on and off snow for a few days and tonight it is meant to snow quite heavily!  I really hope it snows so much that i can go sledging tomorrow.  Its a Friday today.

Whats the weather like where you are?  What do you like to do in the snow?

Zalfie fanatic out ♥


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